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The following resources may be useful.

GIT Repository

To checkout run:

git clone git://git.imager.perl.org/imager.git

You can also browse the repository via gitweb

This is mirrored on github at https://github.com/tonycoz/imager

Request Tracker

Imager tracks issues through Best Practical's Request Tracker.

Some easy access links:

CPAN Ratings

You can find reviews of Imager here or write one yourself.

If you do write a review, whether for Imager or some other module, please make it constructive - say why.

CPAN testers

CPAN testers test CPAN distributions on various platforms.


CPANTS does static checks of the code and documentation for various "kwalitee" factors.

Unfortunately, CPANTS has been down for a couple of weeks, I don't know why.

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