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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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  Imager 0.44 Release Notes  printable version
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Imager 0.44 has been released and will soon be available on all CPAN

This is primarily a bug-fix release. The following issues have been

  • reading or writing any TIFF image would produce a run-time error with recent versions of tifflib.

  • Imager would fail to link or load (platform dependently) if built with the IM_NOLOG option

  • the Win32 bounding_box() function would return the wrong number of values

  • the pnm (pbm, pgm, ppm) reader would read the maximum sample value entry (maxval) from the pnm file and then ignore that value. This meant that images with a maximum sample below 255 would be stored darker than they were meant to be. Note that Imager cannot currently read binary pnm images with a maxval > 255.

  • attempting to convert a 3 channel image to a paletted image could result in a segmentation fault if an empty target palette was supplied. This could also occur in the implicit RGB => paletted conversion done when writing a GIF image.

  • the setcolors() method wasn't correctly returning false on failure (due to an XS error)

  • supplying a sufficiently small scaling value to the scale() method could result in a zero width or height image.

  • the scale() method now produces a warning when called in void context

  • Makefile.PL now handles spaces in the INCLUDE and LIB environment variables on Win32

  • write() didn't return false on failure to write a GIF image

  • if you called crop() with parameters other than the basic left, right, top, bottom to specify the source rectangle, the result was usually suprising. The crop() documentation has been rewritten.

  • the glyph_names() method usually crashed if the string parameter wasn't supplied.

  • the glyph_names() method would ignore all but the bottom 8 bits of unicode characters.

  • there was a memory leak when using callbacks for reading/writing images

  • in some cases the incorrect generated palette was returned when writing a GIF image.

  • the BMP reader had many bugs.

  • reading a PNG file would set the i_yres tag to the horizontal resolution of the image

  • all image readers now handle image sizes that would result in an integer overflow by returning failure rather than by a segmentation fault.

  • renamed io.h to imio.h to avoid a conflict on cygwin.

New features:

  • you can now supply a background color for the rotate() and matrix_transform() functions.

  • Imager::Color methods now have an equals() method.

  • Imager now includes a builtin colors table, usable by the builtin parameter or as a final fallback for the name parameter.

  • the i_format tag is now set when reading an image to the format of the image

  • the BMP file reader now sets more tags in the resulting image

Documentation changes:

  • document that the most recent libungif is fixed and the most recent giflib is still broken. (README and other places)

  • added a method index to Imager.pm



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