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Please report bugs via Request Tracker. Please include perl and Imager versions, library versions and information about the platform you're using.

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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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You can subscribe to the Imager mailing list by sending an email to imager-devel+request@molar.is with subscribe in the body.

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Bug fixes:

  • eliminate calls to i_has_format() from the test suite, since it's no longer a useful way to check for file format support. Eliminate i_has_format() from the functions exposed via XS. RT #65863
  • eliminate calls to note(), which isn't in the (very old) version of Test::More we have as a pre-requisite. note() is modern enough that I don't feel a need to require a Test::More upgrade for it. RT #65864
  • skip the threads tests on Test::More 2.00_* RT #65812
  • add an (unshipped) test to check Imager's internal POD links RT #65749
  • improve the library detection summary RT #9675
  • increase the version of Imager::Font::Type1 so that upgrades don't downgrade the version in this file. RT #66250
  • if we see an -rpath (or -R) option in $Config{lddlflags} supply that option for the directories that would normally go in LD_RUN_PATH. Typically an explicit -rpath overrides LD_RUN_PATH. RT #65955



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