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Please report bugs via Request Tracker. Please include perl and Imager versions, library versions and information about the platform you're using.

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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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  • describe how to build libgif etc on OS X in such a way as to be compatible with a fat binary perl (such as the system perl), in README. RT #73371

  • update the change notes for 0.77_01 to indicate that libungif support was removed.

  • add some other imaging modules to SEE ALSO RT #73906

  • note that the generator of the apparently non-DFSG-free postscript in MMOne.pfb is a Debian package.

  • setsamples() is now a true complement to getsamples() - it can write 8-bit or floating point samples from a scalar or array reference. This adds i_psamp() and i_psampf() to the C level API.

  • the XS interfaces to i_gsamp(), i_gsampf() and i_gsamp_bits() have changed to make better use of the typemap, but these aren't part of the perl level API anyway. There were no changes to the C level interfaces to these functions.

  • getpixel() and setpixel() now accept a mix of scalar and array references for the x and y parameters, and unequal array lengths is no longer an error. RT #73697

Bug fixes:

  • correctly calculate the size of a rotated image RT #69261

  • fix incorrect rounding of color values for matrix_transform() and rotate(). RT #69261

  • Win32 text output is now done in normal combine mode, the alpha component of the color is now significant. RT #70014

  • remove long unused gif case from read() RT #69244 (partial)

  • the getsamples() target parameter was being treated as a hashref when it's meant to be an array reference. RT #74882

  • getpixel() and setpixel() now returns an empty list when invalid parameters are supplied. Invalid values for type now result in an error for getpixel(). RT #73697



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