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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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Imager 0.97 has no changes from 0.96_02.

Imager 0.96_02

  • PNG: treat a version mismatch between headers and library as a probe failure. RT #86659

  • PNG: the check for benign error support is more complex than a simple library version check, check for the appropriate macro. Thanks for Slaven Rezic for following up on my CPAN Testers result queries. RT #86659

  • W32: add a missing head1 AUTHORS to the old Win32.pm RT #86658

Imager 0.96_01

  • TIFF: handle SampleFormat = 2 by translating the signed integer values to unsigned by flipping their sign bits.
    Handle SampleFormat = 3 where possible.
    SampleFormat is ignored for paletted images.
    Mixed SampleFormat are handled incorrectly, since libtiff returns only the first SampleFormat value, and an image with both an alpha channel and SampleFormat = 2 for color channels probably has a different SampleFormat for the alpha channel. RT #74540

  • TT (Freetype 1.x) and FT2 (Freetype 2.x) non-antialiased rendering now renders in alpha-combining mode, to match antialiased output. RT #73359

  • add sample code and cookbook notes for drawing a blurred drop-shadow.

  • add support for libpng 1.6, which changed the defaults for reporting some types of error. RT #85746

  • FT2: use gsamp/psamp() to transfer pixels from the work image to the output image instead of gpix/ppix. Rt #83478

  • eliminate various GCC warnings, mostly initialized but otherwise unused variables.

XS clean up RT #69243:

  • Imager::Color's rgba() method now returns its values as integers instead of floating point. (IV instead of NV).

  • The XS for i_map() and i_matrix_transform() now use the AV * typemap instead of rolling their own.

  • The XS for DSO_call() now uses the HV * typemap instead of rolling it's own.

  • The XS for i_poly_aa(), i_poly_aa_cfill(), i_transform() and i_gradgen() now use a new T_AVARRAY typemap that greatly simplifies the XS code.

  • many other minor XS changes

  • some XS code formatting



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