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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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This is primarily a feature release:

  • a new qtype value 'mixing' has been added to the scale() method. This is faster than 'normal', slower than 'preview'. This is based on the method used by pnmscale, and seems to produce less blurry results than normal.
  • the rubthrough() method can now render onto images with an alpha channel.
  • the read_multi() method now falls back to calling doing a single image read via the read() method and write_multi() will now fall back to calling write() if a single image is supplied. This means you can simply call the read_multi() or write_multi() functions without having to check if the type is formatted by that method.
  • the GIF loop extension can now be written. If you don't have libungif/giflib 4.1.4 (or some distribution's bugfixed equivalent) you should upgrade.
  • getscanline() and setscanline() can now read/write palette index based data from/to the image for paletted images, by setting type to 'index'.
  • we no longer hassle you to disable GIF support
  • minor documentation fixes



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