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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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This is primarily a bug fix release.

Note: Test::More is now a pre-requisite for Imager and is no longer bundled.

There is one new feature:

  • the Win32 font driver now supports UTF8 (RT 22166)

Several bugs were fixed:

  • the string() method would not output the string "0" (RT 21770)

  • fills.c was failing to compile on Solaris 10 (compiler unknown) (RT 21944)

  • the gif_disposal and gif_user_input tags weren't being read from the file correctly (RT 22192)

  • gif.c was failing to build under MSVC (RT 23922)

  • in some cases strings passed to the string() method were treated as terminated by NUL (chr 0) (RT 21770)

  • on "MSWin32" perl builds we now link to -lzlib instead of -lz since that's the default build name for zlib on Win32. (RT 23064)

  • search $Config{incpath} for headers too, which we should have been doing all along.

Win32 font driver fixes:

  • the global descent value from bounding box was the wrong sign
  • if the first or last glyph overflowed the left or right side of the advance width they would be clipped



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