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Please report bugs via Request Tracker. Please include perl and Imager versions, library versions and information about the platform you're using.

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Imager 0.97 is the current release of Imager and is available from any CPAN mirror.

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You can subscribe to the Imager mailing list by sending an email to imager-devel+request@molar.is with subscribe in the body.

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Bug fixes:

  • don't access deprecated members of the png_structp. RT #60242

  • document that using color objects is faster than supplying colors by name, etc. RT #61047

  • Imager::Probe now accepts array references for incpath and libpath. RT #60244

From 0.77_02:

Bug fixes:

  • from _01: look for missing file support test files in the right places.

  • flood_fill() wouldn't fill the right side of a single scan-line fill area. Thanks to Nicolas Roggli for reporting this.

  • flood_fill wouldn't fill to the left edge of the image if the starting line didn't reach the left edge. Thanks to Nicolas Roggli for reporting this.

From 0.77_01:

  • add each library-directory/pkgconfig/ to the pkg-config search path in Imager::Probe. Thanks to Justin Davis. RT #60491

  • moved GIF, TIFF, JPEG file handling code into sub-modules in preparation for separate distribution. RT #49616 (partial)
  • optimize filled box drawing (color, not fill)

Bug fixes:

  • Imager::Probe was calling ExtUtils::Liblist to initialize LD_RUN_PATH supplying an undefined value rather than the found directory. Thanks to Justin Davis. RT #60491

  • only prepend ./ to font filenames when passing them to T1Lib and then only when it would use its search mechanisms. RT #60509

  • fix the cache check for the X rgb.txt loader. This is typically used for color translation on Unix-like systems, and the fix improves performance of supplying colors by name by about 80 times. Test code that managed 3400 10x10 pixel boxes/second sped up to 25700 boxes/second.

  • clarify that Imager doesn't write EXIF metadata to images. RT #60637

  • Imager::Probe can now search subdirectories under its include path. Used by the PNG Makefile.PL to find headers and libraries when they aren't in the base directory, as in cygwin. RT #60635



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